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I have always had a problem with recipes that I have picked up when travelling - I cannot make it exactly the same as that delicious dish I tasted in the restaurant. The reason for this is that I have not followed the techniques used in the food preparation and this is what this site is about.Here you you can learn and follow the exact techniques that the Thai chefs use in their kitchens.Thai cuisine as we know it today started in the central region in the town of Ayutthaya where the Kings Court was formed. The open policy of that time encouraged foreign countries who wished to trade with Siam to establish villages around the perimeter of the city and to have dialogue with the court in very much the same way as foreign embassies do today. With this policy the king and his court had the benefits of many different cultures but they also traded for spices and foods that were not readily come by in that period. And they learned of many cooking styles.

From these embassies Siam learned the cuisine of the Chinese, the Portugese, the Indian, the Persian, the French in fact the desirable components of most of the principal cuisines were absorbed into the Thai culture back in the 17th century.! Nowadays you can enjoy the dishes from each of the regions in popular restaurants in Bangkok but you will still taste the subtle differences when you travel. In the North of Thailand there is the influence of Burma and China, in the east the influence of Cambodia while Vietnamese influence is tasted in the southeast and Malaysia in the south.

I have been lucky to have travelled to all of these areas and have tasted the cuisine of the mountains, the coast and the central plains. It is this cuisine that I would like to bring you here…..

I am not alone in this project…I am lucky enough to be joined by my wife, Khun Thitimon, a close and very able friend of ours in Thailand, Khun Phanida and a food researcher who can locate the tastiest dishes, Khun Norie. It is this team, each with their individual expertise, who will provide you with the delicious flavours of Thailand cuisine, guide you through the sourcing and preparation of the ingredients and finally the cooking and serving of the dish in the Traditional Thai manner.

If you have any questions about any part of a dish, please contact us and we will reply as quickly as possible.


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